A Fast, simple, reliable High Gloss

It's finally here.  Drastically reduced dry times, far less sensitive to contamination. AutoFlex Express Gloss is all about maximizing both productivity and reliability

Stats and Figures:

  • High, Deep Gloss finish

  • 2-4 hour air dry times

  • Easily Sandable

  • Easily Buffable

  • Waxable

  • Scratch and Mar Resistant

  • Gasoline Resistant

  • Hard, slick to the touch

  • Ready for application within an hour of last base/color/pearl coat

  • Crystal clear clarity

  • Air dry or bake to cure

AutoFlex™ High Gloss Topcoat is available, along with it's partnering activator and reducer as a complete and pre-measured kit.  Easy to mix, the product runs perfectly through an automotive HVLP spray gun with a 1.4 tip at 35+ PSI.