The first of its kind..

Most in the industry understand that the Clear Protective Bra/Film market has been primed for an evolution for years.  Spray Shield™ is a crystal clear, durable and safe method of protecting auto paint from scratches, nicks, chips and road debris.  One of our most popular product lines, Spray Shield™ is quickly moving through the automotive industry and for good reason.  Follow Spray Shield™ with AutoFlex™ Gloss Topcoat, and you have virtually invisible, enduring protection for the front bumper or even the entire vehicle.

Stats and Figures:

  • Crystal Clear formula
  • Auto-Leveling formula for a flat and smooth surface (perfect for following with AutoFlex™ Gloss or Matte TopCoats)
  • Ready to spray out of most HVLP compressor spray guns without need for reduction
  • Developed for long term durability and protection
  • No adhesives
  • Will not yellow over time
  • Removes cleanly and safely from vehicle surface when desired
  • Scratch, chip and gasoline resistant
  • Spray Shield is always followed by one wet coat of  AutoFlex™ Gloss to complete the protection system.

Spray Shield™ flows smoothly through an automotive HVLP spray gun with a 1.8 - 2.0 tip at 18-22 PSI.  

* Spray Shield™ can be sprayed through electronic turbine sprayers, however resulting quality reduces along with reducing PSI output of turbine. Best results, of course, will be yielded with compressor spray guns.